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Who We Are?

Reeflex is an end-to-end flexible packaging solution service provider for your packaging needs. We have a Roto gravure printing press as well as lamination option offering three ply lamination. Reeflex also has preforming pouching facilities, with three side seal, centre seal and centre seal with side gusset options. Established in 2019, Reeflex is fast becoming a major player in the flexible packaging market.

Reeflex Packaging Pvt Ltd, based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat- India is well positioned to connect with customers all over the world, helping to develop and promote exciting, cutting-edge packaging, to suit a wide spectrum of product types and requirements.

We believe in the power of collaboration and partnership to achieve growth. Growth of our company. Growth of our clients.

Our core competency is flexible packaging solutions. We also offer a variety of other products and services related to packaging – specifically, New Product Development.

Our core strength is our people. At RPPL we view ourselves as part of a large, extended family with substantial experience and expertise in packaging. Our clients are leaders in their markets and well known in their industries and we share with them a passion for delivering products that truly matter to the market.

Our company is quality focused – exceeding the quality standards not only of the packaging and food industries but also of our clients. Our quality focus applies to our products, our processes and to how we treat our clients.

What we do?

We are able to offer the complete solution in flexible packaging – to enhance in-store experience of your product, and develop differentiation through quality.

Short runs, long runs, market tests and trial runs, Reeflex Packaging Pvt Ltd has got it covered!

Why Us?

When other packaging companies drop the ball, Reeflex Packaging Pvt Ltd picks it up and runs with it. Whether it is catapulting your product into the market on start up or bringing your product back to life on the shelf.

REEFLEX supplies films that are designed to meet today’s demanding flexible packaging requirements. Our films provide excellent formability, sealing and cutting properties, and have visually appealing characteristics. All our products are custom made and formulated to meet your specific packaging needs. Ideal for short runs or high-volume form-fill and seal applications, we offer a wide range of sizes, materials and laminations for all types of products.

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